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list of internet of things iot companies involved in technology work
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“A large portion of marketing dollars are wasted when the wrong offers are made to the wrong people at the wrong place and time. The IoT will generate an enormous, truly unprecedented amount of precise information about buyers and their needs. It’s a marketer’s dream come true.”

                                                           — Jon Gettinger, Sr. Vice President of Marketing, Aria Systems


IoT Development Company:  As IOT has proved to be beneficial in most of the sectors the market rate also increases. Due to this IoT is evolving and expanding and the number of companies producing products and applications related to IoT has also increased to a great extent. Hence the manufacturing of the biggest firms turn towards IoT. Here are some of the powerful companies which have produced IoT firms and products.


Best Companies Involved in IoT Techchnology Work


IBM: This Company has planned to keep a separate division for the IoT division within the next four years and this would increase the productivity in the IoT community. IBM has been listed in the top for IoT analytics sector. This sector has taken a big step forward on working over increasing in number of employees working on IoT. IBM has acted upon immediately and therefore the search traffic in relation to IoT has also increased largely. In addition to forming its own division it also has partnerships with many other companies.


GOOGLE: Recently this company has officially introduced its products in an I/O conference. It had announced Brillo which is the underling operating system for internet of things.  They are planning to launch the developer preview this year. They also have a cross platform called Weave where the devices and the internet can talk to each other.


INTEL: This Company is breaking out its sales, calls embedded systems for retails, transport, industrial and domestic products. It is also working in partnership with many other companies to increase its market value.

Apart from the above companies Microsoft, Hitachi, Huawei, Samsung, General Electric (GE), Cisco, Bosch, Siemens and many other firms have made significant investments in IoT sector.


IOT Platform companies:  An IoT device is connected to other cloud based (mostly) IoT device and this gap between the device sensors and all the data networks related to the device further to the sensor arrangement is established by an IoT platform. It is used to relay information using internet protocols.

The firms included in this are Kaa, Predix (from GE), Oracle (Integrated cloud), Carriots, salesforce, Cisco, IBM Watson, ThingWorx, Microsoft Azure IoT suite, Amazon and many more. These companies have a major role in taking the IoT technology to a next level with many advanced features such as providing a rules engine, secured gateway, information monitoring, device management, data storage, secure communications, real time data storage,  protects from hacking i.e., security and many more. These platforms generally are 100% open source providing a middleware platform to everybody.


IOT Sensor companies: Sensors are found in a variety of applications in many devices. These sensors are connected together forming a network and send the data to the cloud. This data is sent to the user in real time. The IoT sensor based leading companies in the global market are ARM Holdings Plc., Robert Bosch Gmbh, InvenSense Inc., Digi International Inc., Libelium, Ericsson, IBM, Infineon Technologies, ST Microelectronics N.V., and many more.


IOT security companies: The main concern for cyber security in industrial firms, primary enterprises, personal devices such as laptops, computers, mobile phones, servers and many other devices. Data privacy will help to keep an organization secure without any encryption. Many organizations have started an early phase of IoT adoption ranging from a variety of products. Some of the firms involve are Armis (Bluetooth based attack vector), Bitdefender box, Bastille and many more. These companies have won attention of many individuals due to their focus on security heavyweights.


IOT Industrial companies:  Billions of companies from every end are set on a race in providing solutions to the cloud services and connecting many enterprises. The industrial internet of things IIOT have made a great impact on the technology ecosystem, innovation of technology and the brand influence in the market. ABB (ASEA Brown Boveri), Cisco, GE (General Electric), Bosch, Siemens, Dell, AT&T, Ericsson, Intel and many other companies are involved in this sector.

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