Bringing Safety With SMART FIRE ALARMS
2 years ago

Thanks to IoT, smart homes are an inevitable part of our exciting future. For the kind of technology and investment that a smart home needs, along with the serious safety issues in the current world scenario, makes it synonymous with smart safety devices such as carbon monoxide detector, smoke detector, smoke alarm, fire alarm and more.


What are these smart safety devices?

Well, we already know about smart safes that alert the cops in case of wrong codes, but did you know about smart jewellery (which calls the police when the owner can’t speak or reach their phone for help) or the Smart camera which not only lets you see but even lets you talk to the intruder in your home!
And these are just a few of the smart products, which are the result of some brilliant minds.


When we think of homes we definitely think of fire safety. Fire has been and will be, one of the most serious safety concerns for homeowners. Beeping smoke detectors are already a thing of the past! The latest technology brought to us by IoT, aims at one single goal – knowing when your smoke detector has sounded a fire alarm, even when you’re not home! Imagine by the time you got home, the fire-fighters have already come and gone, and your smart home stands tall in front of you, just like you left it!


What all do the smart fire alarms do?

Most smart fire alarms have been designed and created by companies like Nest Protect and Roost. These are meant to make your smart home safer and to give you peace of mind, by sending you push notifications remotely, whenever your smoke/fire alarm is set off!

The latest smart fire alarms monitor and analyze the following to provide protection in case of fire:

  • Smoke
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Light
  • Carbon monoxide levels in your precious smart home.

What could be better than that, you ask? Well, you can silence the alarm with just the push of a button (remotely too), if you’re sure that it’s a false alarm. Even when you are away from home you will get to know when your smoke detector sounds.

These smart fire alarms will even notify you when they’re running out of batteries. Now that’s what you call smart!

Final Word

Buzz is that the next generation of smart alarms will even have connectivity via radio signals.
Some of these alarms also double as weather monitoring devices – alerting you about extreme weather conditions.

Now all that’s left for you to do is be up-to-date with the latest in technology and smart devices, and always remember - better safe than sorry!


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