Smart Bins - Digitized Way To Manage Waste
2 years ago

Waste management is a challenge for all cities across the world. Over filling, challenge of managing & optimizing collection & distribution routes, recycling of waste are few of the challenges faced. Waste thrown around the bins and not into them, creates further challenges. Smart bins attached with smart sensors are the answer to this huge challenge.


What are Smart Bins?

No it’s not a dream! It’s a dream come true. Dustbins with IoT enabled sensors. To detect and manage:


  • waste not thrown into the bin
  • overfilling of waste
  • time to collect the waste
  • time to recycle the waste
  • collection and distribution routes 
  • information shared directly with the drivers who are in charge of the same


Internet of Things is again the technology provider. Internet of Things helps develop the technology. Smart cities, coming up throughout the world need such a technology to keep the cities free of the imminent disadvantages of overflowing dustbins.


Benefits of using Smart Bin technology

  • Keeps the city clean, germ free.
  • Helps control medical emergencies and disease outbreaks. Unwanted and highly infectious diseases can be prevented by proper waste management.
  • Gets rid of unsightly waste bins
  • Avoids noise and air pollution by managing and optimizing collection and distribution routes of the responsible vehicles.
  • Helps with people management and time of the employees responsible for waste collection
  • Ease of operations & intelligent monitoring


Innovations In Smart Bins

There is an engineering student in Uttar Pradesh, India, who has developed a smart bin, which has sensors which beep if waste is thrown around it and not in it. This ensures that people throw waste in the proper place. Apart from this smart initiative from a small town, companies like SmartBin have also come up with revolutionary garbage management systems for the digital world.


Many more companies are involved in developing and providing smart bins. This is a growing segment.  Smart Bin is a solution which is efficient enough to measure the fill-levels of the bins along with proper monitoring of every pick-up of the materials. On top of this it also calculates the value as well as weight of the materials that are collected in it. These kind of smart bins make a positive impact on the environment and the daily household operations and waste management.


In keeping with the emphasis around the world on waste management, such inventions and developments will go a long way in managing the rampant problem and help the technical and medical industries in managing the same as also the municipal authorities responsible for the cities.

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