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Everything about the future is smart – Smart Cities, Smart Money, even Smart Clothes!

The concept of smart clothes is as recent as 2015, and while it hasn’t gone entirely mainstream yet, a lot of designers and companies like Lyle And Scott are thriving on the idea of ‘smart’ clothing.


We, the people of the future, are no longer happy with strapping on devices and gadgets on to our wrists, fingers or feet. Smart Clothes can track our heartbeat 24/7, monitor our emotions and even pay for our meal at the restaurant, Imagine not even have to carry your ‘smart-phone’ on your person anymore, because your clothes are smarter!


What to Expect from Futuristic Smart Clothing

Shirts for athletes/fitness freaks, with IOT sensors that capture heart-rate, motion-sensors and can literally broadcast live data to coaches/fitness trainers without any additional wearable fitness trackers. Swim-wear with a water-proof sensor that tells you when you’ve been sun-bathing for too long. It constantly monitors your body temperature and will even warn you to apply more sunscreen or get into the shade.


Running shorts with IOT sensors that monitor ground contact time, stride-length and even pelvic rotation. It gives you real-time coaching & feedback through your smart ear-phones to help improve your running style & reduce chances of injury.


Smart socks for babies. Who said smart clothing was only about fitness – it’s about safety too. These smart socks have sensors to monitor your infant’s heart-rate and sleep patterns. Internet of things enables it to pair with your smart phone via Bluetooth and ensure real-time data. Especially useful in hospitals where infant and new-born deaths are still questionable.


Smart jacket is finally something for Gen-Y – with sensors conveniently placed in the sleeves, you can access apps for music and maps, even answer or dismiss phone calls, without even having to look at your phone. Driving/riding is going to be extra safe with this IOT enabled jacket.


These are just a few of the smart clothing available that you can actually buy, there’s also full-body smart clothes! Imagine being warned about heart attack hours before its coming. Imagine knowing your blood sugar levels first thing as you wake up, without feeling the prick of a sharp needle – all thanks to intelligent clothes!

I’m sure most of us want self-cleaning clothes! Dropped wine? No problem, it’s dried and the stain’s disappeared even before your glass is refilled. Why must smart wearable technology be only for the wrists or hand-held devices? The chances of you forgetting to wear your smart-watch/bands or forget to carry your smart phone are higher than you forgetting to wear your smart clothes! That’s a good enough reason to make and wear smart clothes, isn’t it?

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