Usefulness of Wearable Devices for Real-Time Monitoring
2 years ago

Usefulness of Wearable Devices for Real-Time Monitoring

Backdrop: Wearable devices — Like smart watches and cloths.. help in real time monitoring of various stats and let the person be on the top of what is happening in his body

The use of wearable technologies in medicine and health care is becoming considerably important as it benefits the patients as well as health service providers. Under telemedicine, biomedical clothing is seen to play a crucial role. Similarly, wearable watches are also seen as a superb technique to measure body stats in real-time which are of great help.  

Smart clothing went popular back in 2014 as the production went quite huge all across the globe. Presently, looking into 2017, it is expected that such smart wearable would extend their market reach to benefit a large customer population. It is also estimated that, total shipments of smart clothing will surge from 968,000 units in 2015 to 24.8 million units until 2021.

Let us analyze the advantageous of smart wearable in order to understand their usage in a better manner.

Benefits of Smart Watches

Steps Tracker: It is known that, one of the simplest ways to improve your health or raise your activity level is by covering 10,000 steps a day. One should be aware of the fact that, smart watches possess built-in pedometers, which makes it quite easy to see the number of steps covered.

Sleep monitoring: According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), more than a third of adults in the United States get less than 7 hours of sleep a night. Sustained lack of sleep can lead to long-term negative consequences related to the human body. It is quite amazing that, smart watches if worn at night, can analyze sleep patterns. These devices will let you know how many hours of sleep you are able to access along with a figure of uninterrupted hours. Such sleep statistics can assist you in identifying patterns and fix goals for improving the quality as well as quantity of sleep.

Workout reminders: Workout is important for each one of us. However, the hardest part of working out is embedding it in your habit. Fixing workout reminders is a perfect way to turn a good goal to a great habit. The reminder on your smart watch is of huge advantage since it is harder to dismiss.

Benefits of Smart Clothing

Data Accuracy

Most smart shirts or tops have the same reliable EKG heart rate monitoring technology which is used in chest straps such as the new Polar H10. After wearing smart clothing on your lower body rooted with motion sensors can help to analyze the part of the body which actually does the maximum moving as you run.

More Data

One of the prime advantages of smart clothing is that, the area being monitored is increased. Eventually, the recorded biometric data becomes richer. It means that, these wearable go beyond motion and heart rate tracking, and help to add data on factors like respiration rate. Hexoskin and OMSignal's ranges are considered as an effective smart clothing variety which involves breathing rate sensors. It offers you an analysis of how hard your lungs have been working after wearing it.

Health Assistance

Smart clothing such as the Owlet Smart Sock, a monitor for babies uses a similar pulse oximetry technology accessible in hospitals to monitor heart rate and make sure the little one is breathing. Moreover, Smart Bloomer Tech's heart disease detecting smart bra is another great innovation for monitoring health either in the hospital or at home.

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