Role of Cloud in IoT
2 years ago

Role of Cloud in IoT

The tech wheel has long been rolling along touching and evolving just about every aspect of our lives. In the past decade or so, the social media and smartphones have dominated so much that their role in our daily lives is today taken for granted. So, what really is next? That’s one question that a lot of us have been trying to answer however, if there’s one unanimous answer to it, then it has to be – The Internet of Things.  

Tech critics disregard IoT as a mere term to describe the extension of smart features and connectivity to other tech and commonly used appliances in our lives. But the fact of the matter is, it is actually apt. At one point, not too far from the present, just about everything and anything will be connected, mainly for the purpose of giving the users a seamless and a rather more personalized experience. If truth be told, the ultimate yardstick for measuring the success of a technology is how seamlessly it has integrated into our lives, making IoT the most successful tech ever. And why shouldn’t it? The conditions at present just seem perfect for IoT to emerge in a humongous manner.  

Why it’s time for IoT to dominate?

On the whole, the technical and social environment is just perfect right now. The personal mobility revolution has made each one of us greedy and demanding for more. All of us today, are accustomed to having our lives revolve around tech, and there’s possibly no natural progression of this than the Internet of Things. Moreover, the technical conditions also seem perfect for this new revolution. Today, the internet connection is universal. You can today pack up more computing power in the smaller packages, cloud tech is offering providers and developers to unite everything for a more seamless, personal and efficient experience and device power efficiency is steadily improving – all this in a manner that customers desire.

Role of Cloud in IoT

Remote processing power

When someone mentions Internet of Things, people first think of ‘smart fridges.’ However, IoT is not limited to this. Everything that we use will soon be a smart device thereby putting new demands on the raw processing power. With the spread of 4G connectivity and growth of miniaturisation, the cloud will certainly come to rescue, thereby allowing developers to offload processing to the cloud computing services.

Lowers the entry bar for providers who lack infrastructure

IoT revolution has been made possible only become of the constant lowering of the entry bar for the developers and innovators. As a result of this, the world is a place where the good ideas can become successful without having the backing of a huge corporation. Take a look back and recall some of the biggest trends and names in tech – the credit for many of these go to the talented, young and creative upstarts who had a vision. The cloud has the potential to make it easier for the innovators and the developers to join this revolution of Internet of Things thereby offering a tailor made infrastructure where they can simply plug in their services and devices.    

Analytics and monitoring

One primary belief of IoT is the seamless experience it offers. The cloud will be extremely helpful in this regard thereby giving the service providers and device makers an access to advanced monitoring and analytics. For every innovator, this is one step forward towards constant innovation whereas for the consumers, it holds the belief of a more seamless experience and better reliability.

Smoothens inter-service and inter-device communications

IoT doesn’t mean having a device talking to us. It is rather about the devices and services all communicating with each other. As we have noted in the past, the competing standards which work independently may offer stifle product adoption and innovation. However, with the IoT, the cloud becomes the mediator and communication facilitator that is set to help us get away with all the worries. Powerful APSs for product makers and app developers, the cloud communications which are plug and play, seamlessly link us to our phones. All of this would be made possible via cloud.

The cloud will be nothing less than the backbone of the IoT revolution. It is set to lower the barriers to entry and improve accessibility for both providers and consumers.

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