10 Real World Examples of IoT (Internet of things)
Internet of things examples, Iot examples
1 year ago

The next level of computing is IoT to make the market bigger than it was. It has the potential to change the world more than the Internet did as IoT is going to deliver more than expected.

In today’s hectic world it’s getting increasingly difficult to manage without the internet and extending this trend forward we get IoT. It is estimated that by 2020 there will be around 50 billion devices connected to the internet.


   Yes, we are talking about the world blanketed with billions of sensors. These sensors gather information from various objects and upload it on the internet and thereby the user receives real-time data regularly. Here are some of the examples of IoT:


Nest smart thermostat

It is the third generation thermostat. The main function is to control the temperature up and down by just turning the dial. It has Farsight, that is when you approach the thermostat or if you pass by it then, it will show you your current function on the screen. It also shows you the date, time, temperature, humidity percentage and many more. It also has ‘eco’ which is a power saving an option. Using nest thermostat you can control parameters from your smartphone of different rooms in your house.


Apple Watch And Home Automation

This is easy to use, affordable device with major benefits. It has many features to control your entire house apart from being connected to your smartphone. It can control your locks and doors and also receives alerts from your home. It also controls other devices and sends regular updates of events that have happened. This device can also adjust your temperature.


DHL’s IoT Monitoring And Tracking

It is the multimodal technology of transportation for road, air and ocean freight. It contains a smart sensor RFID and GSM technology. It has a secure global upload via integrated GSM modem to define location and cell phone network for real-time monitoring.


     It has wireless readout directly through the package so that there is instant and secured data transmission. It also measures temperature, humidity and many other factors for efficient transportation of the package. It can also measure and record shock incidents that are when the package is dropped or opened.


IoT applications examples:

With the rise of the Internet of Thing, almost anything is possible. We can make our house smarter, control our car, and maintain the security systems and many more. Many industrial and medical sectors are also benefitted due to IoT. As the global population and the busy lifestyle continue to grow, it calls for more innovative ideas to manage resources and deliver services to everyone. Also, the challenges to manage the traffic, pollution and to manage energy resources will be tailored by IoT. The main vision of IoT is to provide an augmented life to every individual. Examples of IoT applications include:  Smart home: Many people are searching for smart homes to monitor every detail of their house and have a secured life.   


   Smart city: The main motto is to provide information to every rural and urban area. The data to be transmitted or received is sent to the cloud. The data from the cloud can be accessed through your smartphone or any device.


   Smart farming: With the advancement of technology IoT has been able to keep a track of many parameters. Smart farming enables you to monitor and control the moisture content, sustainability, quality, quantity and many other parameters for better irrigation.


   There are sensors present at required location and the data is sent to the server through stored memory to the user ensuring better farming results.


    Thus IoT is always useful in management, reliability, etc., and is helpful to keep a track both on the viability and quality. It also takes care of the financial aspects of the end user.

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