Communication Media - The Future Of Broadcast
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Communication Media - The Future Of Broadcast

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all about connectivity. The entire idea behind IoT is to create a well-connected world. IoT’s specialty and essence lies in its capability of widespread reach and usage across industries. To turn this idea in to reality, we need different media of communication.

Having said that, it is important to know the difference between communication devices and communication media. The two are closely related and mostly inter-dependent.

  • Communication Devices are actual hardware components that physically enable transmission of data – e.g. mobile phones, computers, modems, etc.
  • Communication Media refers to the software, channel, mode or network through which the data is transmitted – e.g. Analog (radio, television, etc.) and Digital (telegraphy, fiber optics, satellites, cloud platforms, etc.)

Since smart sensors typically connect to a central server/centre, we have cloud-based platforms (PaaS – Platform as a Service) to help achieve that. These PaaS are connectivity management platforms that act as a management console for all connected devices, allowing users to manage and monitor connectivity under one platform.

This is particularly useful for enterprises, device and equipment manufacturers, as well as network operators to monetize connectivity.

‘A survey conducted by TCS states that by 2018 the global IoT spending by the media and entertainment organizations will increase by nearly 54% to $72.6 million from $47.2 million.’

IoT Paradigm For Media Communications

An IoT device is the paradigm of communication as it has the unique ability to  control as well as command,  connect both the inputs as well as outputs;  while connecting through Bluetooth  of TCP/IP. Some of the most commonly available and used communication media devices are smart watches,  smartphones,  smart TVs, gaming consoles, wearable devices as well as IP enabled  eReaders. These devices get enhanced communication abilities  by embedding  specific transmitters, receivers or IoT sensors , thus giving a completely new paradigm  for the entire  business of digital media.

Communication media is all about a means which is used for receiving as well as delivering information or loads of data. Basically, two forms of communication media are commonly used that are: analog and  digital. It acts as a  channel that links various kinds of computing devices si that they provide enhanced communication as well as interaction with each other.

Another such medium of communication is Content-Centric Networking (CCN). It is the future of networking which solves challenges in distribution, scalability and security.
How CCN typically works is by directly routing and delivering named pieces of information at the basic packet level of the network, thereby enabling automatic & application-neutral caching in the memory of whichever location of the network it is in. Such a memory can be easily used without having to build expensive caching services.

In the recent years of IoT related wireless sensor networks (WSNs)

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