How digital twin and IOT are connected?
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9 months ago

Since, June, 2017, when Chris O’ Connor introduced Digital Twin in Watson IoT summit, the whole world has gone crazy behind the mysterious duo of IoT & Digital Twin. The less information available to people, the more rumors are being spread. Undoubtedly, these two are the deadliest weapon combo of Industry 4.0 revolution but more important and relevant question is how it be a transcending technology and how it can change the lives of millions with the help of disruptive Machine learning, AI and Industrial IoT. In this case, we would try our level best to delve deep to understand the overview and different perspective of the technology.

Thomas Kaiser, SAP Senior Vice President of IoT, has explained the scenario in his own style as: “Digital twins are becoming a business imperative, covering the entire lifecycle of an asset or process and forming the foundation for connected products and services. Companies that fail to respond will be left behind.”

Importance of Digital Twins + IoT:

While the idea of a Digital twin has been around since 2002, it's just on account of the Internet of Things (IoT) that it has moved toward becoming financially savvy to actualize. What's more, it is so basic to business today, it was named one of Gartner's Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017. Simply, a Digital twin is a virtual model of a procedure, item or administration. This matching of the virtual and physical universes permits examination of information and observing of frameworks to take off issues previously they even happen, avoid downtime, grow new openings and even arranged for the future by utilizing simulations.

There will be billions of things spoke to by Digital twins inside the following five years. These intermediaries of the physical world will prompt new cooperation openings among physical world item specialists and information researchers whose occupations are to comprehend what information educates us regarding tasks. Digital twin innovation enables organizations to enhance the client encounter by better understanding client needs, create upgrades to existing items, tasks, and benefits, and can even help drive the development of new business.

Areas of Implementation:

For instance, GE's “digital wind farm" opened up better approaches to enhance profitability. GE utilizes the Digital condition to educate the arrangement of each breeze turbine preceding development. It will probably create 20% picks up in productivity by investigating the information from every turbine that is sustained to its virtual comparable. "For each physical resource on the planet, we have a virtual duplicate running in the cloud that gets wealthier with each second of operational information," says Ganesh Bell, Chief Digital Officer and general director of Software and Analytics at GE Power and Water.

Digital twins today are dominatingly utilized as a part of the Industrial Internet or Industrial Internet of Things and surely designing and manufacturing. We're just witnessing the tip of the iceberg, now and then it requires a touch of creative energy to comprehend these openings. Digital twins are an ideal case of this and key in the Industry 4.0 vision and the Industrial Internet. Digital twins are unquestionably ready to convey upon their numerous areas in manufacturing and various other industries. A reasonable token of that is the developing help of Digital twin utilize cases in Industrial IoT stages.


Digital Twins alongside information from IoT can assume a key part in the medicinal services area from cost funds to persistent observing, precaution upkeep and giving customized social insurance. Mechanical firms with Digital twin usage would now be able to screen, track and control modern frameworks carefully. Aside from the operational information, the Digital twins catch natural information, for example, area, design, budgetary models and so forth which helps in foreseeing the future activities and abnormalities. It is still at prelim stage, but quite quickly, it is poised to emerge as a mainstream disruptive technology of 21st century.

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