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1 year ago

Internet of Things or popularly known as IoT is considered as one of the most sought-after technology of modern era and the frontrunner for next industrial revolution. It has expanded our horizon regarding connectivity and internet from mere smartphone, laptop and desktop to almost every device. According to the estimates, by 2020 it is projected that there will be staggering 26 billion devices in the world and it will expand exponentially and cross 50 billion devices quite soon. Asia Pacific and North America will be the leaders in IoT adoption and will witness bolster in demand with an astounding compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 33.2% and 28.3%. The portfolio certainly looks impressive and it can definitely be told that it will emerge as mainstream technology in the near future.

From business and job perspective, the present proof-aligned, Google based world doesn’t believe in sweet pep sales talk, but rather on the proofs. Certifications are the best ways to prove the mettle and showcase knowledge and talent to stand apart from the crowd. There are numerous institutions offering multiple courses on IoT. We have selected a few which are noteworthy:

  • MIT MOOC: MIT is the undisputed leader in technology education and doesn’t need any introduction. MIT started online courses few years which went viral and have since garnered massive positive response across the world. This time also MIT has become cynosure of all eyes when it has come up with specific industry oriented IoT course for professionals. This course was incepted in 2016 and still going strong. The price range is $495 US dollars and meant to be for professionals who are either industry veterans or have started their career in IT field.

According to the dean of digital learning at MIT, Sanjay Sharma, the courses are targeted at professionals who are trying to think about the future of their companies,” The students will leverage the benefit of learning from the top-notch professionals  and professors including the inventor of World Wide Web (WWW) Tim Berners-Lee.

  • Collabera Tact: This is complete all-in–one package who doesn’t only want theoretical knowledge but also hand-on experience and gain expertise in IoT. The course covers every nook and corner of IoT such as basic introduction of IoT and IoT devices, how the devices perform, how the sensors work, the technical nitty gritty, knowledge on cloud platform, security threats of IoT devices and different ways to mitigate it. It is a packed learning solution whoever wants to quench his or her thirst for learning.

  • Coursera: When it comes to online training, Coursera is one of the most popular medium for learning. They have partnered with  UC San Diego and for industry orientation they have collaborated with Qualcomm. The course includes all the services that come under IoT umbrella- the sensors, motions, micro-controllers, automation etc. It also provide a lab section where the students can get hands-on experience in IoT programming and development and in their platform they will be entitled with a live project. The course starts this years on April 16.

  • Nexiot: Nexiot is another global name when it comes to training and learning in IT domain. The programs are designed with proper IoT certified training program trained by the IT industry leaders. The course with certification not only comes through the extensive training on IoT but it also covers the electronics course as well to equip the students with fundamental knowledge of it. They will also be provided with online lab facility to undergo through practical sessions as well. After successful completion of the course, they will be given the certificate.

  • IoT-Inc: IoT-Inc has gained lot of traction in present days due to their extensive and innovative course curriculum and globally acknowledged certification program. They are completely dedicated to IoT training and provide step-by step learning through three courses- ICIP Technology, ICIP Business and ICIP Strategy & Digital Transformation consisting of 45 modules, 163 lessons, 28 quizzes and then the final exam. After successful completion of this, the students will be provided with the certificates.

There are countless courses available on the internet with certification program, the earners should be careful enough to to do the research first based on their suitability and schedule and then go for any course.


Abhijit Chatterjee, a technology connoisseur

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