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8 months ago

IoT has been the cynosure of media for quite a long period of time. Machine interacting with other has always been fascinating and futuristic thing to us. This is taking place in reality and IoT market is brimming with new ideas, new projects, new innovative gadgets and changing the course of our life style like never before. From Google to Amazon Echo to Smart Home, everything has come under the umbrella of one of the most intriguing term of 21st century – Internet of Things. In this case, we will take a brief look at some of the interesting projects that either have already taken place in the market or is about to come to watch and conquer with sheer innovation and futuristic features. Let’s have a look at some of the projects:

  • ESP8266 based wireless web server: ESP8266 based wireless web server: ESP8266 based remote web server is built with an arduino. Right now, ESP8266 is picking up fame in the field of gadgets since it requires minimal effort, dependable and effectively accessible in the market. Most records identified with this module are in Mandarin but they are soon planning to launch in English.

  • IoT Based Smart Camera: Raspberry Pi (RPi) can transform into an IoT based brilliant camera along with seamless control and watch live video being caught by this camera on your cell phone from anyplace on the planet. You simply require an Internet association on your RPi and cell phone. This task clarifies well-ordered system to assemble your own remote brilliant surveillance camera.

  • Air Pollution Meter: IoT empowered air contamination meter to screen air quality on your cell phone utilizing Blynk application and Arduino board. Blynk is an Internet of Things (IoT) stage to control Arduino, In this case,  Blynk gives a computerized dashboard on your cell phone that showcases constant air quality readings for the quick environment.

  • Active Safety: Downtown areas seem quite creepy and perilous, particularly late during the evening. IoT frameworks are being conveyed in such circumstances to authorize security for all. There are a few new frameworks in the market which essentially responds to a person's quality by expanding light levels. This aides in demonstrating a man remaining at such places, that their presence has been taken note.

  • Environmental Detection: The vast majority of the urban areas house couple of expensive monitoring stations for observing pollution or weather conditions. Be that as it may, a large portion of these can't be checked continuously. New frameworks containing numerous more example focuses have risen after some time.


  • Smart bins: Smart sensing & detecting can enable urban areas to investigate and streamline the way they convey the administrations. This application opens the passage to a more extensive arrangement of chances. There are examination devices which can enable urban communities to design singular truck rolls or accumulation courses. This spare time, as well as adds productivity to the procedure.


  • Alarm Clock: This project evolves with a Raspberry Pi for individuals working with improvement sheets. At the point when a basic alarm isn't sufficient and you require an alert, clock controlled by your telephone, this Raspberry Pi could act as the savior. You would have the capacity to program distinctive radio stations per diverse cautions; e.g., news channel for weekdays, music for quite a long time.


  • Video Surveillance Robot: We have built up a robot which can be utilized for video surveillance which can be controlled through a GUI interface. The control instrument is furnished with a video transmission office. The video transmission is essentially accomplished through fast picture transmission. At first, the robot will be outfitted with a camera which will catch the scenes and exchange the pictures to the server on which the client will control and watching the live feed.


  • Smart Garage Door: Gone are the days when you needed to kick open the garage or utilize the massive electronic key which drops out of battery control once in a while. On the off chance that you might want to stay aware of the pattern, this venture is for you. Outlining this task would enable you to secure that irritating clicker that continues getting lost. Utilizing a cell phone's app in fingertips, this replaces the clicker with your advanced cell.


  • Baggage Tracker: When you say that lone 1% of stuff is lost amid air travel, it sounds like a modest number. Be that as it may, when we move to total numbers, 1% from billions of voyagers is as yet an immense number. The following sack that they lose may be yours. This DIY assembles a framework that tracks your stuff even while it is noticeable all around. Fabricate it, keep it in your sack and you can track every one of the subtle elements from your telephone.


  • Abhijit Chatterjee, a technology connoisseur

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