Top 15 Women Technocrats Acing The Internet Of Things Game
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If you thought technology is like Gentlemen’s Club, think again! Women are rapidly seen strutting the echelons of power in technology space. We’re seeing more women technocrats rising to power than ever before and it’s only a great news. Taking a quick look at names to reckon in IOT domain tells a very promising story of very promising women leaders. So, on the occasion of Women’s Day, Iotnewsportal is only happy to compile a list of Top 15 Women Leaders in IOT or Internet of things. These are the women who’re innovators, think-tanks, leaders of change and those who’re currently making the paradigms for the IOT revolution that’s ready to hit the world While we’ve tried our best to put a comprehensive list, do let us know, if you think we’ve missed an important name in the list.

  1. Alicia Asin – A computer engineer by training, she cofounded Libelium in 2006 currently serving as their CEO. She can be found speaking at international events dedicated to smart cities, wireless sensor networks, IOT development, IOT devices and more. Owing to her dedication to the IOT domain, she has won several awards in engineering and entrepreneurship.

  2. Ayah Bdeir – She currently heads her open source electronics start up – Littlebits. She is a techno-revolutionary of sorts, working towards democratizing the internet of things. This not only got her business and attention of techies, but also felicitations such as Fast Company’s “Most Creative people in business” award, 2013. In 2014 she won the coveted upcoming leaders award by the Entrepreneur magazine.

  3. Angie Beltz – She right now heads the IOT business (Americas) for Tech Data as their Vice President. She has also cofounded Exploratory Lab Boot camp that supports college students and encourages IOT business programs.

  4. Brenna Berman - She is the Executive Director of City Tech Collaborative. However as Chicago’s CIO, she was the force behind establishing the Windy City’s Array of Things project. This project revolutionized Chicago’s open data program and made it to the country’s top list. Under her leadership the WindyGrid for spatial analytics was also established. This was to help in data drive decision making. She pioneered several IOT projects for the Chicago city.

  5. Michelle Curtis – She is director of IOT practice for North America at Tech Data. She champions and promotes real-world business-driven IoT applications. It is her dedication to this cause at Data Tech that earned her a recognition by Tampa Bay Technology Forum’s annual industry awards as a finalist for ‘Emerging Technology Leader of the Year’.

  6. Lisa Seacat DeLuca – She has been named as the most creative inventor in the history of IBM. She has over 420 patents filed under her name. These patents include technology domains such as internet of things, mobile security and wearables. In fact, she became amongst the youngest inventors at IBM to get the 100th invention plateau achievement award.

  7. Alexandra Deschamps- Sonsino – In her past assignments she has worked with brands like BBC, Nokia, British Telecom, EDF and more. Currently she is director at Designswarm industries which is an IOT designing consultancy. She invented the Good Night Lamp which is an IOT enabled family of connected lights. She can be seen frequently talking about IOT at various world platforms. She has been ranked as one of the top IOT influencers and organizes London based IOT meetups, the biggest in the world in this domain.

  8. Limor FriedIn 2008, out of her dorm room at MIT, she founded Adafruit, an open source hardware company. Her company is amongst the top ones to produce tools, equipment and electronic components for IOT devices.

  9. Harriet Green - APAC Head at IBM, she heads the Internet of things and commerce Education for IBM. It’s important to mention here the IBM is one of the tech giants that’s heavily invested in path breaking work related to IOT.

  10. Stacey Higginbotham – She runs a weekly IOT themed newsletter and podcast. She is the voice for a lot of IOT based content that’s being discussed in tech and corporate corridors these days.

  11. Anne LauvergeonShe heads France’s leading IOT company – Sigfox. Under her able guidance company has spread it’s business world over including countries like France, Spain, UK, Netherlands, USA and more.

  12. Maribel Lopez She founded Lopez Research in 2008. Today, her company is one of the leading names when it comes to studying and reporting trends in IOT, machine learning and mobile computing. She is the author of the book “Right Time Experiences” which again is dedicated to the changing scope of technology.

  13. Mara Pereira – She is a name to reckon in the European markets when it comes to internet of things. She is right now Director, IOT business development and marketing at Tech Data Europe. She has headed IOT projects across the globe, especially in Spain. In her current capacity she manages the IOT business for Tech Data in 17 European markets.

  14. Virgini ‘Ginni’ Rometty – If someone could convince IBM to invest $3 billion in IOT business by 2019, it had to be Rometty. She created the Watson Internet of Things division at IBM and championed cognitive computing as IBM CEO.

  15. Meg Whitman – Former president and CEO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, she has been a world leader for IOT applications. It was under her leadership that HP formed Edgeline Technology and HPE Universal IOT platform. Together with Intel, HPE provides the most comprehensive IOT ecosystems. This ecosystem includes connectivity through IOT sensors & IOT devices, big data analysis and security.
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