Read These Top 5 Books to know all about Internet of Things
Top 5 Books on IOT
1 year ago

If there is any topic today that’s talked about in the walkways of business, Internet of Things (IoT) undoubtedly will top the list. In this era, of technology, IoT has garnered massive influx of attention within a short tenure of time. Which has always been a fanciful idea and topic of science fiction for ages, have transformed into reality. Thanks to the modern science – IoT has already started taking shapes though numerous devices like Amazon Echo, Smart switches to our watches, refrigerators and even footwear. It is quite obvious that it will garner a huge amount of curiosity among the professionals to get to know this yet untapped domain which can change the course of human history forever.

Already there are various books written by industry professionals on IoT. Depending on the needs and interest readers should choose the book carefully before selecting any book as a yardstick of quality. Here we are listing our top 5 go to books, if you want to know all about IOT. 

1.    The Silent Intelligence: 

This book has churned out a brilliant anthalogy from the ocean of IoT. This book can be as the first leap by the connoisseurs and enthusiasts who want to quench their thirst for internet of things & smart life that lies ahead of us. It is written by prominent authors: Daniel Kellmereit and Daniel Obodovski who didn’t delve into the intricacies involved in IoT, rather got the curiosity running by their mesmerizing writing on the topic and giving a concise but informative overview about the topic. Anyone who doesn’t have a prior idea of IoT and wants to explore the horizon can go for this book for a wonderful journey.

2.    Getting started with Internet of Things

Author Cuno Pfister has profoundly explained the concepts related to IoT in a simple step by step approach. The book is for the people who are enthusiast enough to get their hands into the products employing internet of things and developing IoT framework on their own with little or no prior knowledge of programming. The concept of programming IoT is given the main preference here with the help of .NET micro framework and Netduino Plus Board. The avid readers will find themselves set for an unprecedented ride towards an unknown journey but it is assured they will enjoy every bit of it

3.    The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies

Written by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, the prowess of digital world and technology has been brought to attention. This book beautifully depicts how machines have evolved from the primitive stage to a complete transformation as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and many more. Authors have astonishingly envisaged into the future to understand the future of the business world and the impact of interconnected intelligent devices on the transformation. Whoever wants to understand the paradigm shift in the business due to the advent of modern technology, this would be the perfect book for him. 

4.    Meta Products: Building the Internet of Things
How are the devices connected? How to form the innovative idea of connecting the daily devices? What kind of design would be best suited for the products that are interconnected among each other?  If these questions are bothering you, then in this book you will find the answers. Moreover, it will pave the way for more intriguing thoughts and entice you to walk through it. It is a perfect blend of science, technology, and art which have been nicely and concisely portrayed by Wimer Hazenberg, Menno Huisman, and Sara Cordoba Rubino. 

5.    IoT Disruptions: The Internet of Things – Innovation & Jobs
As we get amazed and mesmerized by the massive potential of IoT, we fail to recognize the practicality and economic side of it. Sudha Jamthe has pointed out to that untapped area where future of economy can be projected. With numerous opportunities and countless opportunities, this has the potential to change the face of the economy and job creation. As organizations are leaving no stones untouched to invest in this futuristic technology, the book will equip the readers with the required knowledge to make them future ready for getting a job in this sector.
There are thousands of books in this sector as knowledge has no limits. These are few books which have marked their presence amidst the ocean. This is just the tip of the iceberg; as we go along, more and more things will come up and for sure, it will not cease to amaze us anytime soon.

-    Abhijit Chatterjee, a technology connoisseur 

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