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Quantum computing companies
7 months ago

“As the unity of the modern world becomes increasingly a technological rather than a social affair, the techniques of the arts provide the most valuable means of insight into the real direction of our own collective purposes.” - Marshall McLuhan

We all are well acquainted with the sci-fi movies and quite fascinated about the futuristic technology. We still remember of the intricate mind-boggling series of calculations being done in the movie Matrix which seemed highly impossible in reality – well! With the invention of quantum computing, it is quite feasible to achieve. According to the report, quantum computing will be the biggest game changer in the field of technology and by the year 2025. The market for quantum computing is projected to be around $5 billion-$10 billion per year according to the research done by Morgan Stanley, while a report by Homeland Security Research estimates that the global market for quantum computing and technologies will grow at a CAGR of 24.6% throughout 2018-2024. Organizations especially the technology behemoths have the taken the leap towards getting into futuristic technology to bring the fascination into reality. According to the Morgan Stanley report

“While the classical computer is very good at calculus, the quantum computer is even better at sorting, finding prime numbers, simulating molecules, and optimization, and thus could open the door to a new computing era,”

The pioneers or the frontrunners in the quantum computing field are:

  1. IBM: IBM can be told as the gainer of the first mover’s advantage as they have been researching and promoting themselves for the leaders of quantum computing field. It as of late anticipated that quantum processing will be standard in five years. A year ago, IBM reported its "industry-first activity to manufacture financially accessible all-inclusive quantum processing frameworks," named "IBM Q" to be conveyed by means of the IBM Cloud. In November 2017, IBM reported huge overhauls for its quantum frameworks, including the advancement of the primary working 50 qubit processor (a "qubit" is a unit of quantum data). In December 2017, 12 of its underlying customers (counting names like JPMorgan Chase, Samsung, Barclays, Honda, Oxford University, among others) joined the IBM Q Network to investigate useful uses of quantum processing to unravel beforehand "unsolvable" issues crosswise over businesses.

For instance, IBM's relationship with JPMorgan Chase is to apply quantum figuring to various parts of budgetary industry, for example, exchanging methodologies, portfolio streamlining, and resource estimating and chance examination. Or on the other hand take Samsung, which is working with IBM to consider utilize cases on the semiconductor and hardware industry.

  1. Google: When it comes to latest and futuristic technology how can Google be left behind?!! In 2013, Google put substantial investment into D-Wave, an organization represent considerable authority in quantum computing. For its association with NASA, the U.S. space organization has moved up to the most recent D-Wave 2000Q. Google as of now had a 9-qubit processor in 2015, amid which it was additionally trying a 20-qubit processor. Last month, Google, as a team with specialists from University of California Santa Barbara, exhibited a proof-of-idea 50-qubit quantum PC, proposing that their supremacy in this field.

  2. Microsoft: What it started in 2005, almost got unnoticed for more than a decade. In 2005, it all started with “Station Q”. Presently, the firm is by all accounts moving its "quantum" pawns, demonstrating products of its’ over 10 years in length endeavors in the field. This last Sept. 25th, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella reported the dispatch of another coding language and figuring test systems for quantum computing.

  3. Nokia Bell Labs: There can’t be a better comeback for Nokia. Headquartered in Murray Hill, New Jersey, it is a prominent research company now owned by the behemoth Nokia, specializes in IT products and services. They have done phenomenal research in the field of topological quantum computational qubits that would enable more robust quantum computers.

“… the Bell Labs, have an aggressive roadmap for 2017 for delivering  working gates (functions) around already working qubits…” – Morgan Stanley report.


  • Abhijit Chatterjee, a technology connoisseur

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