What is IoT?
2 years ago

So, we’re already living in a world of smart phones, smart TVs, phone & office assistants like Siri& Google Assistant, and life’s much easier than it used to be ten years ago!
Now, imagine a world with smart cars, smart beds, smart refrigerators, smart gyms, smart security systems, and even smart cities!With the Internet of Things (IoT), it’s all a possibility today. One man’s dream has become another man’s reality.

The term Internet of Things was first coined and used in 1985 (by a mobile robotics engineer – Peter T Lewis, who is also a U.S. Army veteran). 32 years later, we’re rapidly beginning to see his vision becoming a reality!!

Now the big question – what is IoT?
Firstly, IoT is the biggest invention since the internet itself!
Secondly, IoT is a network of inter-connected ‘smart’ devices, vehicles, buildings and even cities – typically embedded with sensors, microprocessors, etc. that collect and transmit data via the internet.
So not only does IoT reduce unnecessary human-machine interaction, it also enables collection, transmission and analysis of large amounts of data. IoT also allows these smart devices to be controlled remotely using the embedded sensors and micro-processors, typically from a central command centre. It is essentially an entire grid of machine-to-machine systems linked to each other by high-speed internet, which can be controlled by hand-held/mobile devices.

IoT has successfully introduced the world to smart lights, clothes, security, traffic, streets and even smart cities. So what’s in it for us?

Imagine holding your iPad or the iPhone 10 and being able to turn on/off the security system in your house (at the touch of a single button). Wouldn’t you just love to be able to control the lighting, air-conditioning, cleaning, and washing/drying in the house (while you go catch a movie at the smart theatre). Getting the food to start cooking while you’re still in the last few minutes of your meeting in office! Out of milk, coffee or baby food? Well, your ‘smart’ refrigerator already knew and the items have already been added to your grocery list. In fact, the groceries are being delivered at your house while you’re making that important call to your mother.
With IoT, you will never run out of important medicines again, never forget a doctor’s appointment, and spot a heart-attack coming, hours before it actually happens. The food on your grocery list will exclude everything you or your family are allergic to (thanks to DNA monitoring of allergens & pathogens).

Just imaginea dimly-lit street,and just as you walk through it, it starts becoming brighter, making you feel safe all the same – that’s IoT at work for you.

What more? Clothes with sensors to capture heart-rate, motion-sensors, and jackets which give you access to maps, music and even your phone calls.
Your coffee is already brewing when you wake up, and your breakfast is waiting for you as you get out of your bath.

The smart life with IoT is something we’ve all been dreaming of and should now get used to it – because it’s real and it’s already happening!

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