Smart homes - The Future is Here
1 year ago

What is a smart home? A house which does your bidding….auto locks itself….lights switch on and off….cued music….the heater switches on and off….security sensors which alert you on any unwanted movement inside or outside your house….gas leak detectors at work…all this without you lifting a finger or getting up from that couch….controlled by you even when you are not at home… these are smart homes, the order of the day.


Smart phones have control over home automation including lighting in and outside the house, security systems, all kind of appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, television sets, music systems, cooking and other kitchen appliances, entertainment devices, vehicles etc. Wi-Fi is used for the control and remote monitoring and is a part of Internet of Things (IoT). Smartphones, Tablets, Remotes are used to connect all devices in a house through IoT.


Big market …

All of this does sound like something out of a science fiction novel, but it is very much a reality. The home automation market showed a value of US $5.77 billion in 2015 and the experts predict a market value of over US$10 billion by the year 2020. The figure shows the potential the smart home system technology has.



Companies like Samsung, Amazon, Google, and Philips among others are in the business of developing tools and technology for enhancing the smart home offerings for consumers. A technology available to the rich sometime back is now becoming more common and accessible.


A Lot of positives …

Smart homes make life easier for residents

Devices can be controlled to match ones needs and satisfaction from anywhere.

One point of control makes it easier to handle the connectivity.

With advancements in the Internet of Things, such technology will enhance as well, making more things possible.

Safety is enhanced.


But some negatives as well …

A Wi-Fi network which is connected to the internet is prone to hacking. So, the codes to your home network can possibly be hacked if someone tries very hard. Since the technology is still advancing, companies come up with newer capabilities making the existing ones redundant. This could mean loss of money and lack of service for the consumer. IoT has a long way to go.


Cost of living and maintenance is very high, making it not very affordable for most consumers.

Interconnected devices could exhibit inflexibility.


So, is it the in-thing?

Definitely, as most technologies, it will go through teething troubles. But, IoT and related services are on the path to becoming an offering by the technical industry which is here to stay. It is not a vision for tomorrow, it is a reality of today. With optimum due diligence, consumers can take the right decisions and live in the comforts which technology has to offer. Keep up to date…that’s the key.

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