Will Smart Homes make us lazy?
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1 year ago

The best part of technology is the increased availability and convenience. With the convenience, the next obvious step is laziness. In this era of technology-orientation, we are the eye-witness of our hyper-laziness due to the technology which has become an integral part of our lives. As the era of technology progresses and reaches new heights, we witness new ground-breaking innovations taking place in our lives and we being impacted by it. If we call this as heightened laziness, then smart homes will definitely take it to the next level. In this article, let’s explore the various mind-bogging aspects of smart homes and how it is making us super-lazy.

“A smart home is basically taking all of the different appliances in your home. Everything from the oven, sink, lightbulbs and making them all kind of talk to each other so your house can intelligent do stuff for you… Trying to make you life easier by making you not have to push every single button in your home.” – Verge news editor Jake Kstrenakes.

Few areas of laziness:

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a definitive item for the super lazy people. The item is a speaker that can be put anyplace in the house. It has the usefulness to control savvy centers inside the home. Additionally, the item is voice controlled enabling you to set date-book dates, so you don't have to recall; answer questions you ask, so you don't have to find them; set supper reservations; arrange Ubers; plays music on request and gives the climate. Think about the Amazon Echo as an individual computerized steward that, regardless of the greater part of this usefulness, altogether adds to our sluggishness.

Smart Light Bulbs

To start with, brilliant lights can be customized once to kill and on at particular circumstances. Long gone are the times of setting manual clocks and trusting that they work while in the midst of some recreation. Rather, you essentially set the clocks utilizing the shrewd home center point and the lights will turn on and off for as long as they can remember cycle. In spite of the fact that this innovation may make us lazier, it additionally gloats numerous advantages.

The times of neglecting to kill the lights when leaving for work or seven days in length trip are behind us. Brilliant lights can be modified to kill and on while you are traveling or even controlled by means of advanced mobile phone. This spares power, which is better for the earth and your wallet, and enhances security inside your home. Lights killing and on for the duration of the day will give the appearance that somebody is home.

Smart Thermostat

The shrewd indoor regulator works also as the keen light. The temperature of the habitation can be customized once and balanced for the duration of the day to keep up a consistent temperature or diminishing while at work and increment when home. Likewise, aeration and cooling systems can be customized to begin a half hour preceding arriving home from work with the goal that it is cool when you stroll in the entryway. Once more, this outcomes in less power being use which is better for the earth and month to month service charge.

Security Cameras

Home surveillance cameras have made some amazing progress in innovation and reasonableness. These items are continually running and checking your home which can be gotten to whenever by means of cell phone application. In any case, a considerable lot of these new cameras will begin recording once significant movement (not from a pet) is distinguished inside the room or the keen alert goes off. This spares power from not having the cameras recording consistently and just when important.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are introduced bolts on the entryways that can remotely open the entryway from your advanced cell application with physical bolt reinforcement. A portion of these keen locks have an individual key dandy blue pencil that uses Bluetooth innovation to open the entryway when inside range. This sort of item enables us to be sluggish with not expecting to make sure to bring our home keys however is helpful for included security.

It is still in the conceptual stage so we can look for certain amount of modifications but it can definitely be said that we are looking for something which is not only technologically futuristic but has the potential to make us super lazy.

  • Abhijit Chatterjee, a technology connoisseur

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