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Not only has IoT created smart homes for us, it has also given us a whole new insight in to home security systems. While smart homes offer far more security, ironically, security is also the large part of the concerns associated with smart homes! Securing a home is paramount to a homeowner and it is also one of the most sought-after features of Getting the right home security system of any home-owner. It is also one where a smart home owner would invest the maximum amount of money, only next to the price of the house.

Some of the major reasons that drive the need for smart security systems are preventing intrusion or unauthorized access to the property, theft, and the threat to life and property.

Smart security gives you access to view the inside and outside of your property, while sitting for lunch at work, (at the push of a button, of course), via the internet. Imagine a smart home that locks and unlocks itself by reading your fingerprints on your hand-held device. Imagine not having to rush home ever again, away from an important meeting, just because you left your front-door unlocked! Awesome, right?

Thanks to smart security enabled by IOT, you can now control your security system from anywhere, anytime! Even if anything is moved in your house, for instance, the television is moved, smart security will send you a push notification that your TV has been unplugged, and you can then take appropriate action.

Now, it’s no longer only about smart homes but also smart workplaces. More and more companies are now moving in to the biometric security space with the help of IOT. This is to safeguard their premises against unauthorized access, intrusion and breach of data security. Financial and reputational losses which are a result of security violations are just not acceptable anymore, especially in this age of IoT.

Smart security also requires securing your internet routers and other network systems with smart security devices. This easy connectivity that IoT offers, can be both a boon and bane for smart security and smart homes! Any area of vulnerability or gap in the network connection could make you lose everything. Therefore, to truly enjoy the benefits and convenience IoT brings to our homes and office spaces, we need to seriously protect our networks against cyber-attacks. Stay safe and secure with by installing smart security back at home and office.

Smart Security is not just for our homes, offices, cars and cities, but also for the fundamental systems that run the entire show. That’s the true meaning of smart security!

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