Semiconductor Industry and IOT
2 years ago

Whenever one industry expands the associated industries also grow along with it. Same can be said for IOT and the Semiconductor industry. IoT is still on rise and it is being stated as the technology of future. Definitely, the semiconductor industry is also going to benefit from this immensely. The reason for the benefit is the fact that all the major components in an IoT environment are made up of semiconductor devices. IOT devices infact depend upon semiconductor chips for their efficacy.


Understanding IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) is the science of interconnection and internetworking of small low-cost devices with the help of internet to achieve the desired results. This is achieved with the help of inbuilt programmable chips, usually called the microprocessor, supplemented with sensors, actuators, and other electronic components. Most of the components used in the IoT devices are made of semiconductor itself, therefore semiconductors play a very vital role in the operation of IoT devices.


Understanding Semiconductors

A semiconductor is a material which is made by adding impurities in it so that in some cases it can act as an insulator and in other cases; it can act as a conductor. This can be achieved by doping the material with the different consistency of impurities. When talking about semiconductor with respect to the IoT devices then the need of such semiconductor is brought into account for different purposes and for the operation at different working conditions.


Semiconductor devices and IoT devices

The main components in an IoT device and are composed of semiconductors. Sensors and actuators are the different data collecting parts having semiconductors in it. For instance, an IoT device is using a semiconductor in its sensors and actuators, and the IoT device is meant to operate only after its threshold is reached or if it is supposed to give an alert signal only when the pre-set value is crossed. In this case the device will be so constructed that before the threshold the semiconductor will work as an insulator and no activity will take place as soon as the threshold of the semiconductor is reached, the sensor will start to behave like a conductor and the circuit will complete and the alarm signal will ring this is how the semiconductor and IoT devices come into play.  

Bottom line

Now as the IoT devices are taking up the market and as new advancement are taking place more and more players are entering the market, this brings with it new innovation and technology. If the semiconductors industry is not able to cope up with the new innovation and technology the IoT market will search for new alternatives hence it is very important for the semiconductor market to step up its growth and come up with new offering as that of IoT industry.

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