How IoT Impacts Garbage Management:
IOT enabled garbage management
1 year ago

We all have had the glorious experience of passing by filled dustbin and being swamped away by the mighty odor. Many times, life feels miserable and when it comes to the uncleaned, filthy roads with packed and piled garbage, the entire hell breaks loose. The good news is, at last after a series of blame game and passing the buck policy, finally, a feasible solution has surfaced. IoT though being a new technology, within a short tenure has garnered huge attention among all the people.  It is being considered as the most ground-breaking and game-changing technology of modern times. With the soaring industrial pollution and environmental degradation, where all the solutions seem inadequate, this can be the best suitable weapon in the arsenal. As we all are aware of the inefficiencies of manual garbage management system, it doesn’t need us to be scientists to depict the real problem of this incapable garbage clearance system. Many times, the dustbins start overflowing with garbage and the sole purpose of it gets defeated as it becomes another place of bad odor, nuances, and a complete mess. With the help of IoT, the scenario can be transformed with a complete paradigm shift in the operational process of garbage management.

How IoT works:

In the traditional garbage management system, due to manual processing, it is next to impossible for the Municipal Corporation to know about the status of garbage and more than often, the garbage stock gets piled up to visually repelling level and becomes a nuisance for public and neighborhood. Technology as IoT can be used to solve this age-old problem without any manual intervention. No matter how fanciful and jittery it may sound, it can become the reality. The dustbins will be equipped with smart sensors which will enable the alert to the municipality subsequently within a fraction of a second, the moment the garbage level rises beyond the permissible limit, it will raise the alarm and apt decision can be taken rather than going only on the scheduled time.

This procedure is helped by the ultrasonic sensor which is interfaced with Arduino UNO to check the level of junk filled in the dustbin and sends the alarm to the city web server once if the waste is filled. In the wake of cleaning the dustbin, the driver affirms the errand of purging the waste with the guide of RFID Tag. RFID is also a significant technology innovation which is known for flawless verification and validation process. The entire procedure is maintained by an installed module incorporated with RFID and IoT Facilitation. The constant status of how waste gathering is being done could be observed and lined up by the municipality with the guide of this framework. Notwithstanding this, the essential preventive measures can be taken depending on the data. An Android application is created and connected to a web server to insinuate the cautions from the microcontroller to the municipality office and to play out the remote checking of the cleaning procedure. The warnings are provided to the Android application by Wi-Fi.

Benefits of IoT:

The whole process might seem like blown out of proportion, but with the blessings of science and modern technology, this can be attained in real life if desired. The multiple benefits of initiating and implementing IoT in garbage management system are:

  • The enhanced efficiency: The efficiency will increase multifold compared to the manually scheduled process. The alert system will inform the concerned authority with an impromptu response.
  • Facilitation of modern technology: In this era of technology, every part of life is being touched by modern technology but garbage management still follows the archaic process which needs a complete overhaul.
  • Improved coordination: With little or no manual intervention, the coordination among the teams will increase significantly as instantaneous responses can be bandied back and forth between the machines which will equip the personnel for apt and timely response.

Notwithstanding the factor that IoT is still at the stage of infancy, in due time it will emerge as the mainstream technology which can change the course of our lives for betterment. This is just an aspect where the untapped and messy area can be revamped with the magical touch of latest technology.

  • Abhijit Chatterjee, a technology connoisseur
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