SMART WATER METER - The Future Is Here
2 years ago

Smart Water Meter are going to save the future for us. And here’s how….. The world’s geographies are shrinking as population is increasing at an alarming rate. The global energy demand is expected to increase by almost 40% by the year 2040 and utility companies worldwide are already struggling to meet these high energy demands. Water conservation has become top priority for everyone, as important glacial resources are consistently depleting.

The current water management scenario lacks standardized procedures and proper monitoring and control systems, which results in mismanagement in water distribution and its consumption. That automatically leads us to a future with Smart Water Meters enabled by Internet of things


IoT and Smart Water Meters

IoT brings us smart water management with smart water meters – a combination of smart sensors, software and services. These meters are smart devices (connected via the internet. Hence called IOT devices) that can actually monitor and measure the water/moisture content and even the chemical content in the water. The IOT sensors in these Smart devices are known to be able to identify and monitor specific detailed conditions such as quality of water, motion, pressure, temperature and even leakage. Smart water meters help both the water companies and consumers to get a clearer understanding of usage. As the cost & size effectiveness of these smart devices (and sensors) increases, smart water application becomes a bigger reality.

“A study conducted by CISCO states that every year, world loses nearly $14 Billion revenue because of leaky and faulty water meters. “


Why We Need Smart Water Meters

There can be many contexts to why one needs to move towards smart water meters, but these three points will be enough to describe how IOT Smart Water Meters can change the global landscape.

Dynamic social & demographic landscape of the world which is changing rapidly


Urbanization of the economy

Bringing technology to the storage, bandwidth and computing of water resources to decrease cost.

CISCO has estimated about 50 billion such devices will be connected to the World Wide Web by year 2020. Smart meters have already become the top IoT device for utility/energy distribution companies. These smart water meters can be connected to whole buildings, which then connect directly with the water utility companies. These water utility companies then use internet-based software to analyze data and usage trends received from these smart devices/meters to efficiently manage distribution and consumption of the most important energy source of our planet.

How Smart Water Meters Will Work?

Smart meters for water have turned out to be the topmost IoT devices offered by several utility companies. They help in effective and smart water management when there is no rain or the period of heavy rains. Thus Internet of Things efficiently handles water management and helps in continuing with our water conservations efforts during all times of the year that too in very effective manner.

Water Group Working on high efficiency and cost effective Smart water meter states that they technology will translate into measurement, communication and analytical solutions, with the help of high-end internet networking. The IoT has been rightly called the best invention since the internet itself. If only it had become a reality sooner, this world would have managed to conserve more water than what’s now left on the entire planet. It sure is better late than never and thanks to IoT, this planet still has hope and our children actually have a future!

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